Child sunburn warning as new heatwave is due to hit UK next week

With a heatwave expected next week and temperatures forecast to soar to 30 degrees centigrade children will be at risk from sunburn, according to a news story on the BBC.

So timely then that Boots own suncare range Soltan has recently launched a campaign to educate UK primary school youngsters about the dangers of too much sun and how to protect delicate skin. So far, the campaign has reached over half a million children.

Boots Soltan also recently produced research via the University of Manchester which aimed to calculate the risks of sun exposure for children playing outside across 13 of the UK’s biggest cities:

  • 1 in 6 parents don’t routinely apply sun protection to children’s skin during the summer
  • 1/3 of children play in the park without sun protection
  • 3 in 10 parents don’t even bother to put sunscreen on when their youngsters play on the beach

Clare O’Connor, Boots Soltan Suncare scientist says: “Children’s skin is more vulnerable than adults so they need protection specifically for them.”

Soltan Kids Once is a range with specific skin care ingredients for youngers and includes a spray and a stick.

Boots is also offering customers who purchase any two of these Soltan Kids products a free gift and there are also 3 for 2 offers.


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