From Castle to county town: A walk that discovers the fascinating story of Warwick’s developmment

In any town or city, your attention is usually taken by historic monuments, beautiful architecture or spectacular buildings. But how often do you take notice of the basic urban fabric of roads, bridges, paths, walls, houses and gardens?

Warwick Castle copy

This walk in Warwick, created by a local town planner, explores the things you would usually miss.


Canaletto’s painting of Warwick Castle painted in 1752

It tells a story of how this settlement has developed over the last thousand years from being the chosen site for a castle to a busy county town. See changes in housing styles and construction materials through the centuries and learn how a dramatic fire led to new building regulations.

Observe how the busy town centre continues to operate within a medieval street layout. Find out how the ownership of land and buildings usages have changed over time. Visit the town’s civic treasures as well as its lesser-known corners.

Warwick Boxer

This walk tells a fascinating story of urban development and gives new insights into a stroll around this picturesque town.

This walk was created by Martin Haslett for the Royal Geographical’s Society’s Discovering Britain Walks – you can download maps and guides here.

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