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    When considering value of diamonds it isn’t unusual to consentrate that any diamond will probably be worth a fantastic sum of cash. Although generally true, there are several important characteristics which affect the price of diamonds mainly the 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat. But consider one that’s not mentioned all too often, the diamond certificate.

    While the 4C’s will have a massive effect on value of the diamond, certificates will further increase its value. Why? Well no matter how perfect your diamond could possibly be, without certification no one is able to prove the authenticity of one’s claims while not having to send it into a lab for certification.

    It is important to note that two similar diamonds will fetch significantly different prices according to when they have been a piece of paper or otherwise. This can be caused solely by the fact that possible buyers don’t have any strategy for verifying the grading of your stone. So it will be also useful to possess a certificate with regards to selling your diamonds should you purchased them just as one investment.

    Additionally it is remember this that small testing laboratories which are associated with an outlet will normally not be treated as accurate because of the affiliation. It is because these stores have a very motivation to help you sell the diamond showcased that is helped by an increased valuation.

    Because of the fact that does not every laboratory is capable of grading diamonds accurately there are some that are popular internationally and aren’t affiliated for any diamonds selling body.

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