• Jordan Lord posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    When homeowners and home builders choose flooring for the home they are looking for a flooring that will not only enhance the home’s beauty but will also last for many years. Choosing a lasting floor is easy if the selection includes adding a hardwood bamboo.

    Quite simply, a bamboo will endure many years of traffic and family life and still remain a floor of beauty that will impress everyone who sees it. This can be seen in many of the ancient structures in China that have eco forest bamboo flooring and walls. Considering that this bamboo was solid bamboo and not reinforced like some of the bamboo floors of today makes it easy to see why a bamboo is a floor for the ages.

    Bamboo systems that are engineered have an added layer of strength due to the bamboo strips being glued together side by side on top of a wooden base layers. These are then forced together with glue and high pressure creating an even stronger bond for a stronger floor. Solid bamboo floor systems don’t have the extra wooden base but are still strong flooring systems that will last for many years.

    When purchasing bamboo flooring systems there are simple ways to tell how strong the floor is. One is to read the specs and look into the manufacturer’s history and product reviews to see what others have to say about the flooring. Another way is to press the fingernail into the wood and see how easily it dents. If the flooring dents too easily then the bamboo is not a top quality product and if strength is important then another manufacturer should be looked for.

    This does not mean that bamboo will not scratch or ding. It is a hardwood and just like other hardwood it can be damaged. High heel shoes should not be worn on the floor repeatedly and high traffic walk areas should be protected with mats and rugs.

    Choosing a lasting floor with a hardwood bamboo floor is a simple task. Bamboo is naturally a strong, durable wood. Find a quality manufacturer who stands behind their product and install a beautiful floor the family will enjoy for years to come.