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    Some psychology authorities believe that leaders are born, while other folks think leadership is a talent that a person can discover.

    source of the area of leadership concludes that there are 4 fundamental and classical theories of management. The theories go over the qualities and attributes of leaders and how leaders ought to behave.

    Trait Theories

    Trait theories cover the traits that excellent leaders possess. This theory was established and researched by scientists such as Stogdill in 1948 and Mann in 1959. Early research states that leaders have qualities such as assertiveness, the potential to motivate other people and intelligence, which makes them innate and excellent leaders. Although early study efforts targeted on the characteristics and characteristics of leaders, other researchers located that there was not any correlation amongst the attributes and attributes of leaders that ended up diverse from followers.

    Conduct Theories

    By the sixties, scientists started concentrating their research efforts on the behaviors of leaders. By 1968, the research led to the creation of the Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid. The grid groups operate styles together to create 4 major doing work types: "Worry for Duties, Worries for Men and women, Directive Management and Participative Management." These groups explain how leaders work and interact with followers to direct the followers to finishing the duties at hand.