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    The email will also have the download link for the program. Just download and install it onto the smart phone. By following the instructions for the Appmia app, this should be very easy. The online User Guide is there to hand-hold you in every step of the way. Once it is downloaded, just run the installer on the phone. What’s nice about the Appmia application is that it installs and works in the background… in FULL stealth mode. No icons, name of the software, etc. can be found on the phone.

    Spying On Cell Phones Step 1
    Adjust the settings: to do this, all you have to do is press a certain key sequence to bring up the interface. The key sequence can be found in the online User Guide. Once you are in the Appmia interface, you can tweak the settings according to what you want and need. Also, it is in this step where you need to select the Internet or GPRS connection that it will use to upload logs. Then, select which activities you want to monitor. Select the option to start monitoring, and VIOLA. Appmia cell phone spyware is now working in the background.

    Spying On Cell Phones Step 2
    Once it is active and it starts monitoring, it will log the activities of the phone. From emails, call and SMS logs, locations, and everything else in between these can be found using by logging into you Login Page. No matter where you are, as long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and if you input the username and password correctly, you should have no trouble accessing your online Appmia account.